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Commission status:

I've been dealing with anxiety and a huge art block for months.
I'm still working on commissions and Patreon rewards, but very very slowly. So I won't be taking any new commissions for now, until I catch up.
Sorry about the inconvenience!



PLEASE NOTE: the following prices are only for particular commissions and requests (for personal uses and websites). If you own a company, publishing house or commercial website, and would like to commission an illustration for advertising/publishing purposes, fees may be different, according to the rights you want to purchase (publishing, reproducing etc).
Estos precios son sólo para encargos particulares de uso personal, si quieres una ilustración para uso comercial o editorial, los precios pueden ser diferentes según los derechos que quieras adquirir sobre la imagen (de publicación, reproducción etc).

All base prices are for watercolor or Copic based illustrations, but I can use other media. If you want me to use a different technique (color pencils/crayons, gouache, acrylic paint, pastels etc...), these prices may vary depending on the materials I need, so please ask me first. I will provide examples of my works using different media below.
Los precios base son para ilustraciones pintadas con acuarelas o rotuladores Copic, pero si quieres que utilice una técnica diferente (lápices, gouache, acrílicos, pastel...) pueden variar, pregúntame.

* Chibi: anime style characters with big head and eyes and a small body (also known as SD or Super Deformed)
** STANDARD SIZES are A5 (14'8 x 21 cm), A4 (21 x 29'6 cm) and A3 (29'6 x 42 cm)
*** Currency is European EURO! If you need to convert them to your country's currency, please use The Universal Currency Converter
**** Simple backgrounds include some grass and sky, or a wall and a simple piece of furniture, anything that is not too detailed but it's not a plain color background either... ask me if you have questions!


For more pictures, please visit my Deviant Art, my website and my Harry Potter fanart site ~ thanks!!

tipo de ilustración




Sketch (pencil, pen or ink)
Boceto (a lápiz, boli o tinta)





Ink (black & white picture, simple background)
Tinta (ilustración en blanco y negro, fondo sencillo)




1-2 characters,
simple background

Extra character
add +3€

Complex background
add +6€


Chibi (colored, no background)
Chibi (a color, sin fondo)



1 character
no background

Extra character
add +6€


Character design (full body picture, colored, no background)
Diseño de personaje (de cuerpo entero, color, sin fondo)



1 character
no background


Character portrait (head or half body, colored, 1 character with plain color background or no background)
Retrato de personaje (cabeza o medio cuerpo, color, fondo de color plano o sin fondo)



1 character
no background


Simple color illustration (A4 size, colored, prices vary depending on number of characters, background and difficulty, up to 4-5 characters)
Ilustración a color tamaño A4 (el precio varía según número de personajes, fondo y dificultad)

Simple background


Medium or complex background, or many extra characters



1 character,
simple background
30 €

Extra character
add +5€

Semi detailed background
add +5€

Complex background
add +10€


Big color illustration (A3 size, colored, prices vary depending on number of characters, background and difficulty, recommended for pieces with 4 or more characters or with a lot of background/scenery - working on a bigger paper allows more detail and better quality)
Ilustración a color grande tamaño A3 (recomendado para dibujos a partir de 4 personajes o con mucho fondo - trabajar en un papel más grande permite más detalle y mejor calidad)



1-3 characters,
simple or semi detailed background

Extra character
add +5€

Complex background
add +10€


NEW!! BOOKMARKS Hard paper strip with one hand-painted picture on each side, laminated to protect the pictures

¡NUEVO! MARCAPÁGINAS Tira de papel grueso con un dibujo pintado a mano en ambas caras, plastificado para proteger los dibujos


Two sides


Currency is European EURO unless otherwise specified. I live in Europe and calculating the price in euros is much easier for me. I can't provide dollar conversions here because the currency values change almost everyday. If you need to convert them to your country's currency, please use The Universal Currency Converter
I accept Paypal only
(I can accept money order and bank transfer only if you live in Spain).
Los precios están en EUROS salvo que se indique lo contrario (soy europea), si quieres convertirlos a la moneda de tu país utiliza esta página
Sólo acepto Paypal (puedo aceptar transferencia bancaria o giro postal si vives en España).

The base prices do not include shipping costs anymore. These fees are for a high quality scan only. I will not mail you the original pictures anymore unless you request to buy it, please ASK ME ABOUT SHIPPING COSTS AND EXTRA FEES IF YOU WANT TO HAVE THE ORIGINAL PICTURE
Los precios ya no incluyen gastos de envío, sólo mi trabajo y un scan de buena calidad, ya no envío los originales salvo que me indiques específicamente que quieres comprarla, si quieres tener el dibujo original consúltame sobre los gastos de envío y costes adicionales.

STANDARD SIZES are A5 (14'8 x 21 cm), A4 (21 x 29'6 cm), A3 (29'6 x 42 cm) and A2 (42 x 59'2 cm).
The most common size is A4 for color illustrations, unless there are too many characters or details, then I'd recommend A3 size (bigger). Also, a smaller size (A5) works better for portraits and chibis.
Los tamaños estándar con los que trabajo son A5 (14'8 x 21 cm), A4 (21 x 29'6 cm), A3 (29'6 x 42 cm) y A2 (42 x 59'2 cm). Lo más común es el A4 (tamaño folio) y A3 (doble folio) para ilustraciones en color; el A5 (cuartilla) va bien para retratos y chibis.


Method of payment · Forma de pago

I'm sorry, I used to claim payment after the picture was done, but there were too many people who commissioned a picture and never paid for it, making me waste my time and materials. So, from now on, I will only start drawing after I receive your payment.
SÓLO ACEPTO PAGO POR ADELANTADO debido a la gran cantidad de gente que me ha encargado dibujos y nunca los ha pagado; no me gusta parder el tiempo ni desperdiciar materiales.

Sorry, no checks, money orders or Western Union, because I can't exchange them anywhere
SÓLO ACEPTO PAYPAL. Lo siento, no puedo aceptar cheques, giro postal o Western Union porque no tengo dónde canjearlos en mi ciudad.

Giro postal, transferencia bancaria (Uno-E/BBVA) o Paypal



Please send me an e-mail with a detailed description of the picture you want.
Envíame un e-mail con una descripción detallada de lo que quieres que dibuje.


Please include:
- Your name, e-mail and country
-Type of picture (illustration with background, portrait, character design...)
-Size (A6 to A2, the standard size is A4, if you don't say anything I'll use A4)
-Media (if you don't request any, I'll use whatever I think looks best, usually Copic and watercolors)
-Description: Characters (physical description, clothes, hairstyle...), background (where they are) and scenario (what are they doing, their pose and interaction between them or with the background)
-Preferred method of payment (Paypal, but you can choose bank transfer or money order if you are in Spain - otherwise please use Paypal only!)
-Deadline: Please note I'm often busy and I can't promise I'll finish your picture in a certain amount of time - but if you need it before a specific day (for a birthday present or something), let me know so I'll mark your request as urgent try to finish it as soon as possible! If I'm really really busy, the price for urgent requests might be slightly higher.
-If you want the original picture mailed to you: so I can calculate shipping costs.
Incluye: tu nombre, país, tipo de dibujo, tamaño y técnica si tienes alguna preferencia, descripción de los personajes, pose y fondo, y especifica si necesitas el dibujo para una fecha concreta (por ejemplo si es para un regalo de cumpleaños - puedo aceptar encargos urgentes pero si estoy muy ocupada el precio será más alto). Dime también si quieres que te envíe el original (para añadir los gastos de envío).

There have been too many people who commissioned pictures and never paid for them, making me waste my time, paper, drawing/painting supplies... and making other serious people wait. I'm sorry, but I had to change the rules and accept only payment in advance to protect myself (and YOU) from rude people.
The only exception to this rule are people who have previously commissioned other pictures from me and proved to be reliable. Returning customers can choose to pay after the picture is done, just let me know.
Sólo acepto pago por adelantado, la única excepción son las personas que ya han encargado dibujos anteriormente y han demostrado ser de fiar.

You can request to see the previous sketches before I draw the final illustration. If I have more than one sketch, you can choose your favorite one, or find possible mistakes before I ink and paint the picture and ask me to correct them. You can also request a color test before coloring the picture, or a rough character design for original characters.

When the picture is done, I'll send you the scan via e-mail and (if you paid for shipping) the original picture via registered airmail.
Puedes solicitar que te muestre varios bocetos o pruebas de color antes de ver la ilustración final, no siempre los envío, así que indica si quieres verlos. Cuando el dibujo esté acabado te lo enviaré escaneado por e-mail (y si lo deseas, el original por correo certificado)

········· Of course, you only have to pay for shipping if you want the original picture mailed to your home; otherwise I will only send you a good quality scan.
········· Shipping costs are expensive, not only because of the Spanish postal service, but because I like to send my color illustrations protected with illustrator's cardboard (which is heavy) to prevent them from bending and being damaged. It's not too heavy but it adds to the weight and increases the cost.
········· All shipping VIA REGISTERED MAIL. Extra insurance is optional. I do not want my originals to be lost or damaged in the mail.

GASTOS DE ENVÍO: Sólo tienes que pagarlos si quieres tener el original en casa. El servicio de Correos es caro, y además me gusta enviar los dibujos protegidos con cartón rígido y acetato. Sólo envío por CORREO CERTIFICADO.



Do animals count as characters? · ¿Los animales cuentan como personajes?
It depends. If they are big animals who are part of the main scene, and if they are the main theme or interacting with the main characters, then yes. If they are small animals who are only part of the background (like an owl flying through the sky, or a parrot on a character's shoulder), they won't count as characters.
Los animales cuentan como personajes si son grandes o tienen un papel protagonista en el dibujo; los pequeños (como un pájaro volando o un hamster en el hombro de alguien) normalmente no cuentan.

Do you draw yaoi / shounen ai / slash? · ¿Dibujas yaoi / shounen ai / slash?
I'm not a yaoi fan, but I don't mind drawing mild yaoi / shounen ai / slash, as long as it's not a request that makes me extremely uncomfortable or a pairing I strongly disagree with... let me know what you want, and I'll tell you if I'm willing to draw it (and the extra fees, if any).
No soy fan del yaoi, pero no me importa dibujar shounen ai o slash mientras no sea una petición con la que me sienta especialmente incómoda o una pareja que no quiera ver ni en pintura.


If you have any more questions, contact me · Si tienes más preguntas no dudes en consultarme


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